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Anti-slip tape technology and application
Sep 18, 2018

Non-slip tape is used in the double-sided tape coating process. When the double-sided tape is pulled out from the coater, it needs to be exported by a roller. If the surface of the guide roller is not specially treated, the adhesive will adhere to the roller and Affect the production and quality of the tape. The surface of the roll is typically covered with a low surface energy material to prevent sticking. This one-sided non-slip tape is specially designed for this application. It is coated with a durable adhesive that can be firmly attached to the surface of the take-up roll, and the other side is a special low surface energy rubber, which can effectively prevent the adhesive from being applied to it. Bonding effect.

1. Instruments: skateboards, scooters, treadmills, exercise machines, lathes and printing pressboards, passages and steps on buses;

2. Places: kindergartens, schools, swimming pools, nursing homes, stations, subway train stations, docks, hotels, clubs, kitchens, bathrooms, sports fields, fitness and recreation rooms, elevator entrances, pedestrian slopes, freight yards, work areas and decks.

3. Can also be used in recreational vehicles, ships, trailers, trucks, aircraft suspension ladders, large or small power equipment.

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