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Awning repair tape tips
Sep 17, 2018

Awning repair tape has a wide variety of products. One of them is Awning repair tape, which is mainly used in paper, cotton and plastic film. There are several points we should pay attention to when we use Awning repair tape.

Firstly,before we use Awning repair tape, we need to check whether there is any stain on the surface, because stain will reduce viscosity, if any, remove it. 

Secondly, observeing whether there is scratches on the side of the Awning repair tape. it may affect the normal use of the Awning repair tape.

Thirdly,if Awning repair tape is very dry on both sides, it does not contain glue. This indicates that Awning repair tape has quality problems. 

Finaly,the tape can be broken by hand. Hand tear is easy to break, indicating that the base material is good . Conversely, it is not easy to break, which means that the base material is not good. 

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