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Butyl rubber tape for application performance and advantage
Sep 27, 2018

1.Product description: Butyl waterproof tape is a kind of lifetime non-curing self-adhesive waterproof sealing tape made of butyl rubber as the main raw material and other additives. It has strong adhesion to various materials. The force has excellent weather resistance, aging resistance and water repellency, and functions as sealing, shock absorption and protection on the surface of the adherend.

2. Application:  1) The joint between the steel roof color steel plate and the lighting plate, and the sealing at the junction of the water gutter.

2) Doors and windows, concrete roofs and ventilation ducts are sealed and waterproof.

3) Installation of PC board and endurance board.

4) Car door and window waterproof film is glued and sealed to resist earthquake.

5) Single-sided tape can also be used for repairing leaking parts such as roofing and car.

3. Performance and advantages:

1) It does not cure for life, it can maintain permanent flexibility and can withstand a certain degree of displacement.

2) Excellent waterproof sealing and chemical resistance, strong anti-ultraviolet (sunshine) ability, and service life of more than 20 years.

3) Easy to use and accurate.

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