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Fiber glass double sided tape detail
Jan 05, 2019

Fiber glass double sided tape

Fiber glass double sided tape




Base:Glass yarn

Glue: Acrylic/rubber/hot melt

Temperature resistant:long term high temperature for 100℃, short term temperature for 120℃.

Product color:Transparent


Description: Fiberglass tape is made of high-strength glass fiber yarn or cloth reinforced PET film film, and it is coated with a strong adhesive pressure-sensitive adhesive on one side. The tape has high tensile strength and high resistance grinding performance and moisture resistance, suitable for heavy packaging, binding, fixing of steel plates and temporary fixing of home appliances, etc.


Application:It is widely used in the packaging of metal and wooden furniture, the tying and packaging of heavy materials, the cable tying of bridges, the packaging of home appliances, such as washing machines, freezers, etc., the packaging of carton boxes for zero-loading articles, and the reinforcement of woven belts.



1.Easy to strip

2.High viscosity


4.Temperature resistance, wear resistance

5.Can be customized

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