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Foam double-sided tape application
Jan 05, 2019

Acrylic foam double-sided tape

Acrylic foam double-sided tape is suitable for different design and product requirements. The color of the glue is: gray, white and clear. The liner is usually in red color.please look at the following picture.





Features: high adhesion, Good adhesion durability in high and low temperature environments.

Application: Paste the letters on the nameplate of all kinds of cars and motorcycles. Car trim strips, water guide strips, sealing strips, and bonding of panels in the car. All kinds of electrical enclosures, structural bonding of hardware.


Customizable:We can produce different sizes of tape according to customer's requirements, and can also be processed into various shapes.


die cutting tape1

die cutting tape



PE foam double-sided tape

PE foam double-sided tape

Backing: PE

Color: Black

Release film color: red

Thickness: 0.8MM


Features: Waterproof, solvent resistant, high temperature resistant, good conformability on curved surfaces, can fill and paste uneven surface.

Application: Mainly used for car trim strips, front trim strips, rear trim strips, sill strips, corner bumper strips, rear guard panels, stainless steel fuel tank caps, pedals, door handles, wheel arches, block flow, plate brakes Lamps, car and motorcycle signs, metal plaques, auto parts, safety glass composites, etc.


Acrylic foam double-sided tape instead of 3M imported tape can be replaced by: 3M 4229P 4213. 4215. 4211. 4218. 5952. 5355. 5357. 4950. 4216. 4920. 4615. 4955. 4930. 4959. 4218P

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