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Kraft paper tape application range
Sep 04, 2018

The word kraft paper tape feels that it must be very strong, It is like cowhide. In fact, this is also a certain degree of credibility. Because kraft paper tape is made of coated kraft paper as a substrate, and then coated with acrylic rubber or natural rubber glue. The kraft paper tape seen on the market has strong viscous properties, high tensile strength, good holding power, no warping, and stable weather resistance.

Kraft paper tape application range:

1. According to its performance, we can see that kraft paper tape is often used in industrial applications.

2. It is also suitable for exporting carton seals or covering carton writing. This is because the color matches the color of the carton and is matched.

3, kraft paper tape can also be used in the construction industry for the adhesion and shielding of various plates so on.

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