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Tips for judging the quality of waterproof tape
Jul 31, 2018

Waterproof tape is very popular and supported by consumers in our lives, but everyone knows how different waterproof tapes should judge quality? Now let's popularize the tips for judging the quality of waterproof tape!

1. First look at the thickness of the waterproof tape tube, the thickness of the standard paper tube is 3mm. Looking at the diameter of the paper tube, the standard diameter is 7.8 cm.

2. Smell the smell of waterproof tape. If the smell is big or stinks, the quality is not good.

3. Check the waterproof tape surface, including whether the waterproof tape is sticky on both sides and whether there is any gap. The quality waterproof tape does not stick to the sides and there is no gap.

4. Check the waterproof tape for bubbles on the surface. The quality waterproof tape is tight and there are no bubbles. Of course, if it is a new waterproof tape, there may be some bubbles.

5. Check the tension of the waterproof tape. If the waterproof tape is particularly easy to break, it is inferior. A good waterproof tape is not easy to break with a good transparent film.

6. You can seal with a waterproof tape, then suddenly withdraw, the more you can peel off the surface of the box, the better the viscosity.

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