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Awning Repair Tape Is Mainly Used In The Sealing Box
Jul 31, 2018

Be sure to determine the width of the Awning repair tape. The Awning repair tape is mainly used in the sealing box. Once the width of the Awning repair tape is determined, the width will be changed later, and the entire plate-making template will be re-doed. This is a kind of Waste, so when choosing, it is essential to determine the width. Also pay attention to the viscosity of Awning repair tape, to understand the product that is suitable for that viscosity, mainly in which industry, some Awning repair tape viscosity is small, mainly suitable for sub-component finished tape, good viscosity Tape in the manufacturing process of ceramic capacitors, metallization and other products.

Generally, in the production process of Awning repair tape, or when the strips are cut, the air layer and the glue layer will inevitably invade the air, resulting in the appearance of bubbles, and the bubbles in Awning repair tape will not affect Awning repair. The quality of the tape, such as tension and viscosity, is independent of the bubble, so don't worry about it, you can use it with confidence. In fact, the Awning repair tape just produced has bubbles. After a period of time, the bubbles will disappear automatically. The longer the placement time, the higher the transparency of the Awning repair tape. Generally, the paper tube inside can be seen from the transparent part outside. The larger the Awning repair tape is placed, the longer it will be, the longer it will become transparent and the bubble will not be visible.

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