Anti Scratched PE Protective Film

PE protective film, full name Polyethylene film.It is based on special polyethylene (PE) plastic film.Transparent,blue is blue.Easy to paste and tear.Length and width are customized.The biggest advantage of PE protective film is that it protects the original smooth and shiny surface from being contaminated, non-corrosive and scratch-free during production, processing, transportation, storage and use....

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Product Detail:

Product name: Anti Scratched PE Protective Film

Material: PE                                                                         Application: Masking

Adhesive Side: Single Sided                                                Design printing: No printing

Adhesive Type: Pressure Sensitive                                      Feature: Heat-Resistant

Original country: China (mainland)                                     Color: Tranparent,blue

Thickness(mm): 0.1/0.08/0.05mm                                       Length: 50m

Width(mm): 50mm                                                              Adhesive type:Acrylic

Sample:Freely provided                                                      Order Lead time:2 days

Model number:BZ-SG023

Product description:

PE protective film, full name Polyethylene film, is the most simple structure of polymer organic compounds, the most widely used polymer materials in the world today. PE protective film is based on special polyethylene (PE) plastic film. It can be divided into high density polyethylene protective film, medium density polyethylene and low density polyethylene according to different density.


1.Suitable stickiness: easy to paste and tear.

2.Stripping force stability: with little change, that is, the less increase in peel strength, the better.
3.Weathering: can be typically used for a period of 6 to 12 months under the condition of sun exposure.


1. Hardware industry: computer case, galvanized sheet stamping, aluminum plate, stainless steel plate, titanium plate, plastic plate, glass plate, solar panel and so on.
2. Photoelectric industry: LCD liquid crystal display, backlight, cold light film, membrane switch, mobile phone screen and so on.
3. Plastic industry: ABS, PP injection molding products, PVC sheet, acrylic sheet, instrument, plastic lens, spray paint surface protection and so on.
4. Printing industry: PVC, PC board, aluminum board, film and other printed nameplate surface protection and so on.
5. Wire and cable industry: The protection of shaft-mounted copper wire, semi-finished products, finished products and rolled products can effectively prevent dust pollution and have anti-oxidation and anti-dirty effects.
6. In the electronics industry, when manufacturing, it is generally necessary to use the finished and semi-finished products that are protected, and it is not easy to be scratched and damaged on the assembly line!
7. Mobile phone digital industry, mobile phone film, also known as mobile phone cosmetic film, mobile phone protective film, is a cold film that can be used to load the mobile phone body and screen.

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