Flame Retardant Non-halogen Acetate Cloth Tape

Product Name: Flame retardant Non-halogen acetate cloth tape Size: 1080mm*30m Thickness: 0.2-0.22MM Base: Acetate cloth Glue: Rubber Temperature resistant: long term high temperature for 150℃. Product color: White/Black Description: The flame-retardant acetate cloth needs to add flame retardant,......

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Product Name:Flame retardant Non-halogen acetate cloth tape


Thickness: 0.2-0.22MM

Base:Acetate cloth

Glue: Rubber

Temperature resistant:long term high temperature for 150℃.

Product color:White/Black

Description:The flame-retardant acetate cloth needs to add flame retardant, and the base material is flame-retarded, and the finished product can reach the acetate cloth that is self-extinguishing (fireproof) from the fire, and it does not contain halogen.

Due to the strong moisture absorption and breathability of acetic acid fabric substrate, it has good elasticity, easy to wash and dry, no static electricity and hair ball, and excellent anti-aging performance, up to 15 years. The acetic acid cloth tape made of acetic acid cloth substrate has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, anti-aging, soft wear, good formability, easy punching, easy to unwind, acid and alkali resistance, and mildew resistance.

Its insulation performance is better than general glass fiber cloth and glass cloth.

Application:It is widely used in the manufacture of transformer insulation interlayers, wire rods, mobile phones, computers, televisions, transformers, air conditioners, and computers.


1.High temperature;


3. Easy punching, easy to unwind;


Packing: pack in carton.



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